About Us

The ORWC is an organization committed to making on-site sewage infrastructure a long term, sustainable servicing solution for rural residents in the Province of Ontario.

Our Mission:

To promote environmentally sustainable development of rural and unsewered areas through the effective use of wastewater treatment and dispersal technologies.

Our Mandate:

To provide training, demonstration and applied research in the areas of:

  • residential on-site wastewater treatment, including septic systems;
    small community wastewater treatment;
    nutrient and agri-food wastewater management.

In support of our mission and mandate, we have developed a wide variety training materials and workshops and have provided training for over 15 years to the industry. Visit our Courses & Workshops page for more information. We are a leader in Research, and have assisted in the development of numerous resource materials. Our team of dedicated professionals is working hard every day to make on-site infrastructure a permanent servicing option for Ontarians.