Courses for Ontario Public Service Employees

The ORWC is pleased to offer courses exclusively to employees of the Government of Ontario. We have developed two courses for this audience, Introduction to On-site Wastewater Systems and Advanced Design Concepts for On-Site Wastewater Systems.

To register for a course: Registration for these courses is by invitation through Dawn Talarico of the Ministry of Environment. If you are interested in attending a course, please email Dawn and she will guide you through the registration process. Please note these courses are only offered to members of the Ontario Public Service.

Course Name
Date & Location

Introduction to On-Site Wastewater Systems


May 24, 2017

$200.00 + HST

Advanced Design Concepts for On-Site Wastewater Systems


$200.00 + HST

Introduction to On-Site Wastewater Systems


May 30, 2017
$230 (taxes included)

Commercial/Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems - Bus Tour


May 31, 2017
$230 (taxes included)

These courses are delivered at both our Guelph and Ottawa facilities and include a tour of our unique training & demonstration facility which showcases many of the on-site systems commonly used in Ontario. The lead course facilitator in Guelph is Bassim Abbassi and Chris Kinsley. In Ottawa, Terry Davidson is the lead facilitator. For more information regarding course content contact us.

Course Title
Course Description
Suggested Prerequisites

Introduction to On-Site Wastewater Systems

Note: this course was formerly called Evaluation of Onsite Treatment Systems for MOE Staff

This course is an introductory level course that will familiarize participants will the basic concepts of on-site wastewater treatment systems, including what they are, how they function and the basic design parameters. The course also covers assessment & evaluation of existing on-site treatment systems and introduces troubleshooting and remediation methods for failing systems. Approved advanced treatment technologies will also be introduced. A course manual will be provided. It would be helpful for participants to bring their own copy of the “Code and Guide for Sewage 2006” available from Publications Ontario (publication number 510044).


This course is intended for participants new to the on-site sewage industry. A keen interest is always an asset!

Advanced Design Concepts for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

This course builds on the principles and practices covered in “Introduction to On-site Wastewater Systems” (previously called Evaluation of Onsite Treatment Systems for MOE Staff) to help the participant understand more advanced on-site wastewater treatment concepts such as the expected performance level of both conventional and alternative treatment systems, nutrient removal capabilities of on-site systems and impact assessments on water resources. A course manual will be provided.

Course participants should be familiar with the different classes of systems approved for use in Ontario, how they function and their basic design requirements. Participants should also have a good understanding of wastewater system design parameters with respect to water quality and quantity, and a working knowledge of how soil absorption systems perform.

For participants new to this industry, the Introductory level course addresses all of these concepts.


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