Past Projects

The following is a list of projects conducted by ORWC research staff in the past years. For more information on any of these projects, please contact the lead researcher indicated for each project.
Lead Researcher
Alfred Constructed Wetland - 1999/2000 AAC- CanAdapt Anna Crolla
Constructed Wetland Guidance Manual AAC- CanAdapt Anna Crolla
Treatment of Landfill Leachate with a Subsurface Wetland Jacques Whitford Environmental Ltd. Chris Kinsley
Treatment of Manure Pile Runoff and Milkhouse Wastewater AAC-National Soil & Water Conservation Program Anna Crolla
Treatment of Phophorus using Slag OMAFRA Anna Crolla
Phophorus Removal from Septic Wastewater OMAFRA Chris Kinsley
Monitoring of a Septic Unit Green Valley Environmental Ltd. Chris Kinsley
Biomat Development in On-site Leaching Beds and Their Affect on Treatment Efficiency and Groundwater Contamination NSERC Doug Joy
Monitoring Approaches to On-site Systems to Assess Groundwater Contamination NSERC, OMAFRA Doug Joy
Assessment of rehabilitation methods for on-site systems NSERC, OMAFRA Doug Joy
Alternative on-site systems for the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MCVA) Doug Joy
Treatment of whey permeate for the production of fuel ethanol OMAFRA, Touchstone Engineering, South Nation Conservation Authority Anna Crolla