Field Scale Demonstration Projects

Under the close scrutiny of ORWC staff, the newest import from Europe started treating the wastewater at a household in Elora August 3rd, 2001. Developed in France and extensively used throughout Europe, the Eparco System uses a unique filter system and media to achieve high levels of treatment. A second demonstration of the Eparco System was installed in the Ottawa area. ORWC staff monitored the performance of both systems, in order to support Eparco in their bid for regulatory approval at the tertiary level at MMAH.

The system in Elora was monitored from August 2001 until Summer 2005, and the system in Ottawa was monitored from November 2002 until Summer 2005.

treatment train prior to backfill
"Treatment train prior to final backfill"

compact filter with media and distribution pipes
"Compact Filter with Media and Distribution Pipes"

placement of treatment tank
"Placement of Pretreatment Tank"