Technology Evaluation

The Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre works with companies to develop, improve and evaluate on-site wastewater treatment technologies for the North American market. Assisting companies in bringing new technologies to market is another way the ORWC is helping to advance on-site wastewater treatment in Canada and improve our rural environment.

We offer the following services:

  • independent 3rd party evaluation of new on-site wastewater technologies for certification requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Ontario Building Materials Evaluation Committee (BMEC)
  • assistance in the development of new on-site wastewater technologies
  • testing of systems at the pre-commercial stages of development.

Our NSF accredited Testing Facility in Alfred, Ontario is fully operational, but we are not accepting new contracts at this time. Technologies are tested using typical municipal wastewater and can be controlled for all typical wastewater parameters.

The ORWC also conducts field evaluation studies. This typically involves setting up technologies at one or more residences and monitoring the results. Read about our field scale demonstration projects here.